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Switzerland Chooses the F-35 Lightning

July 12, 2021 PilotPhotog Season 1 Episode 24
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Switzerland Chooses the F-35 Lightning
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It’s official, Switzerland has chosen the Lockheed Martin F35A Lightning II as its newest fighter plane.  In a 5.5 Billion Dollar deal that adds a 15th nation to the growing base of F35 users, the agreement also comes alongside an additional 2.1 Billion dollar deal to buy the surface to air Patriot missile defense system.  Switzerland’s decision to procure the F35 has sent shockwaves throughout Europe.  The Lightning II beat out the  Dassault Rafale which is produced in France, the Eurofighter Typhoon which is jointly produced by Germany, Italy, the UK and Spain, and even the Boeing Super Hornet.  Additionally, Swiss voters decided to remove the Saab Gripen from Switzerland's fighter competition some seven years ago. 

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You're listening to the PilotPhotog Podcast. Let's listen to the story of Switzerland Newest fighter. The F 35 It's official Switzerland has chosen the Lockheed Martin and <inaudible> lightning too. As it's new was fighter plane and a 5.5 Billion Dollar deal that adds 15th nation too. The growing base of 35 users' the agreement also comes alongside an additional 2.1 Billion dollar deal to buy the surface to air Patriot missile defense system Switzerland's decision to procure the F 35 has sent shockwaves throughout Europe, The Lightning II beat out the Dassault Rafale, which is produced in France.

The Eurofighter Typhoon, which is jointly produced by Germany, Italy, the UK, and Spain, and even the Boeing Super Hornet. Additionally, Swedish voters Decided to remove the sob Griffin from the Swiss fighter competition some seven Years ago, after a lengthy evaluation Process by the Swiss government, between the remaining fighters, the decision to choose the contract for the 36 F 30 fives was due to the fact that the F 35 has quote was according to the Swiss government due to the fact that the F 35 has quote the highest overall benefit at the lowest overall cost and quote, the F 35 is no stranger to controversy. Having been called the most expensive weapons platform ever. The program has been deceived by numerous costs over one's technical set-backs and initial production delays.

It's still the Swiss acquisition Of the F 35 could be seen as a turning point for the fifth generation fighter. Since it's more nations adopted platform cost and interoperability factors, can you and be scaled In fact, that proposed contract for purchase and you have 35 and operating over the next 30 years came in and out and two Billy And Frank's lower than any other competitor at 15.5 billion. Thanks. Let's take a deeper dive into the F 35, the lucky ones and F 35 lightening too, is a fifth generation single engine single seat multi-role stealth Fighter, which has tasked with performing a variety of missions, including strike air superiority, Surveillance, reconnaissance, and electronic Warfare.

Haven't been are the Most lethal survivable and connected fighter aircraft in the world. The F 35 is intended to operate until 2070 Lockheed Martin is the primary contractor along with principle partners, BAE systems, and Northrop Grumman <inaudible> has a truly international fighter with tiered partner nations that include Norway, Australia, Denmark, Canada, and the Netherlands. The <inaudible> is actually a family of aircraft that is produced in three main variants, the CTLL or conventional takeoff and landing <inaudible> the Stovall or short takeoff and vertical landing <inaudible> and the CV cattle bar or catapult assisted takeoff, but a rest and recovery, 35 C armament the <inaudible> and he Has his arm with the internal GAU 2, 2 8 25 millimeter for barrel rotary cannon with the 180 rounds of ammunition.

Additionally, additionally, The <inaudible> has four internal stations in Two weapons bays, which are used to maintain itself profile and six external hard points, three under each way. And that can be used for non stealth missions. The internal Stations can carry up to 5,700 pounds while the external stations can hold up. The 15,000 pounds total weapons payload capacity has 18,000 pounds. The F 35 Can carry a diverse range of weapons, including For air to air missions. Heat-seeking amen. Next Sidewinders or aim 1 32 As Rams, radar guided Medium range and one 20 ham Rams, or MTBA meteor missiles For air to ground Missions.

The AGM 1 54 joint standoff weapon, Or J Sal the PayWay laser guided bomb. Mark 20 rocket cluster bombs mark 77 and Cindy are a cluster bombs. The AGS, yeah. And 1 58 joy and air to surface standoff missile, or I J S S M and the AGM ADA harm anti radar missile for anti-ship operations. The AGM 1 58, see long range anti-ship missile or L R S S. This list is by no means inclusive as there are several future Payload options currently being developed for the <inaudible>. When it comes the sensors, the <inaudible> is equipped with the AAN APG 81 and actively electronically scanned array or AESA radar and evolution of the F 20 twos a and APG 77 radar.

The APG 81 radar includes all the air to air modes found on the F 22, along with advanced air to ground modes that utilize hybrids solution Mapping the ability to track multiple ground moving targets and electronic warfare capabilities and a real life flight Test. 23 targets were within 100 miles of an F 35 and less than three seconds. 19 were automatically detected and tracked with all 23 targets to attack that and tracked unless the nine seconds, the radar continue to track these targets while simultaneously searching for new targets. Additionally, air to air and air to ground modes can be run simultaneously on the F 30 fives, large cockpit display. These abilities offer first look, first shoot, and first kill capability of the <inaudible>.

It is not difficult to see why the APG 81 has been called the world's most advanced fire control radar found On a fighter. The F 35 Makes you so be 360 degrees. Physical situational Awareness system known as distributed aperture system or DAS. It Consists of six infrared cameras mounted around The aircraft, which said, and HD real time imagery directly to the pilot's helmet. This allows The pilot to fully C the environment around them in day or night conditions with no loss of clarity or quality among other features, D has provide the text and tracking Missiles, fire control, tracking a friendly aircraft to enhanced tactical maneuvering and navigation assistance for both day and night modes.

Furthermore, D S integrates with other aircraft sensors, meaning that if the Rate of you in the text objects of interest, the DDS algorithms, penalize them and recommend, and which order to deal with the threats, essentially providing full data. Additionally, the <inaudible> makes use of the world's first sensor From which provides both forward looking infrared or FLIR and infrared search and track or IRC functionality, which is known as an electro optical targeting system, or ELTS other aircraft make use of ELTS systems. But the F 30 fives is integrated into a combine unit, this lightweight system, and further enhances the pilot's situational awareness and his house in the stealthy low drive The housing with the Sapphire window, the ELTS Integrates via high-speed fiber optic interface into the aircraft integrated central computer.

Unlike other fighters, the <inaudible> does not have a heads Up display or HUD instead, the <inaudible> Pilots make use of a helmet mounted, display Play system, or HMDs to view flight and combat data at all times the HMDs, Yes. Also receives image data from the DAS and allows the pilot to effectively C through the airport. Additionally, the helmet allows for high angles of boresight target locking, meaning that the, And it can look at the target and fire a missile at another aircraft that is not oriented to the <inaudible> And knows the main display Of the F 30 fives. Cockpit is a 20 inch by eight inch panoramic touchscreen that displays instrument navigation and combat Data. The display allows the Potter To customize the information to meet the pilots needs.

There is a smaller backup display and speech recognition algorithms are also Implemented all of these affirmation systems integrate to provide sensor fusion, which creates an integrated view of the battlefield. This provides It's unprecedented situational awareness. It can be distributed to other assets via secure data links, such as the multi-functioning advanced data link, or MEDL making the <inaudible> a force Multiplier on the modern battle field. Along with its advanced sensors, stealth is another key feature of the F 35. The air form is Design and shape to reduce the radar cross-section or RCS. This was done by aligning edges, making use of cerated skin panels and masking the engine face, or the F 35 has the divert list, supersonic inlet, or DSI, which uses a forward swept cowl and compression bump to divert the boundary layer away from The, you know, Jen dog, additionally, the <inaudible> And make use of radar absorbent materials, or Ram the F 35 applied lessons learned from previous stealth applications, such as the, you have 22.

And as a result, the <inaudible> skin is more durable and requires less maintenance Than older top codes at certain angles And frequencies. The <inaudible> RCS is lower than a metal golf ball and compares favorably to the F 22. Additionally, the <inaudible> radio Frequency emitters also employ rigorous controls to minimize or prevent Their detection, operational history. Although Many details of the <inaudible> operational deployments are still classified. There are a couple of known examples that stand out in 2018 during a test mission consisting of at least three Israeli force at 35 eyes. The aircraft flew from Tel-Aviv two, the Uranian Capitol to round and back the event was publicly unconfirmed.

However, as a result of the mission, Iran Supreme leader reportedly fired the air force chief and commander of the Iranian revolutionary guard. Also in 2018 Marine F 35, B's operating off the amphibious assault ship. Essex conducted strikes on Taliban targets. The number of aircraft and type of munitions used were not disclosed, but the attacks on a fixed Taliban position was considered a success. And more recently you S Marine and UK Royal Navy F 35 BS have deployed on the HMS queen Elizabeth and her currently on a tour of the Pacific, which will include the south China Sea regarding Switzerland's decision. It is important To point out that while there is some internal opposition to the <inaudible> the Swiss part, and you can debate the cost in terms, but not revisit the fighter selection Process.

The F 35 will be a Swiss fighter. And finally, the <inaudible> certainly Has had unprecedented crossover runs and has taken longer to bring into frontline service and anyone ever thought, however, the program did have some lofty goals and set out not only to be the best fifth generation air to everything platform, but also to be made available to allies To date. There have been over 665 F 30 fives delivered to nine nations with more than 1400 pilots and 10,700 maintainers trained while operating out of 28 basis. Worldwide F 35 production employs more than 254,000 direct and indirect jobs. And the United States in 48 states and Puerto Rico with over 1900 suppliers around the globe, final assembly takes place in Fort worth, Texas Camry, Italy, and Nagoya.

Japan. What do you think is the <inaudible> the best fighter in the air today? The Switzerland make the best choice. Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to subscribe to this podcast. So you don't miss any future episodes. You can also check out my YouTube channel. I'll leave the link in the show notes below. And lastly, you can find me on any social media platform At PilotPhotog be well, Stay safe and see you next time.