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F-5 Advanced Tiger

October 11, 2021 PilotPhotog Season 1 Episode 33
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F-5 Advanced Tiger
Show Notes

Upgrading the F-5 to the Advanced Tiger: The Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter is a small, highly aerodynamic  and maneuverable jet  which was built around two compact and high thrust General Electric J85 engines.  The F-5 was designed from the ground up to be an easy to maintain, simple to fly, inexpensive multirole fighter.  With its origins dating back to the 1950s the F-5 has stood the test of time, it has become a popular export aircraft for many nations  and is still used today by the United States as an adversary or aggressor aircraft. Recently a company known as Tactical Air Support or Tac Air has been outfitting its fleet of F-5s with advanced avionics and sensors, bringing this versatile 3rd generation fighter well into 4th plus generation territory, at a fraction of the cost of contemporary fighters. Tac Air  has dubbed their modified F-5 the F-5AT or Advanced Tiger.    Today we will take a look at these modifications made by Tac Air, and how  the F-5AT could be a sensible addition to countries that need to upgrade their air forces due to the rise of near peer threats.

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