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B-58 Hustler The Super Sonic Cold War Bomber

November 22, 2021 PilotPhotog Season 1 Episode 39
PilotPhotog Podcast
B-58 Hustler The Super Sonic Cold War Bomber
Show Notes

The Convair B58 Hustler was the world's first operational Mach 2 bomber.  Designed to fly high and fast to quickly penetrate the soviet union and deliver its nuclear payload, The B58 served for nearly a decade from March of 1960 until January of 1970.  Everything about the B58 was designed for speed: its narrow fuselage with the three crew members sitting in tandem, a delta wing, and surprisingly the lack of a bomb bay.  Ordinance was carried in an external streamlined pod which housed bombs and additional fuel. Almost as soon as it was introduced, the Soviets had developed high altitude surface to air missiles to counter the Hustler.  This caused the B58 to adapt and employ low level air defense penetration techniques, which both limited its range and strategic value.  Despite this the B58 remains an iconic and memorable aircraft, having set some 19 world records.

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