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Canada says no to the Super Hornet leaving F-35 vs. Gripen

November 29, 2021 PilotPhotog Season 1 Episode 40
PilotPhotog Podcast
Canada says no to the Super Hornet leaving F-35 vs. Gripen
Show Notes

For some time now, Canada has been looking to replace their legacy CF18 Hornets which have been operating far beyond their planned service life.  As a result, the Canadian government has put forth a request to select a new fighter aircraft by 2022 with a projected program cost of $19 billion along with a strong consideration that some of the aircraft be built locally in Canada. The competition had been narrowed down to three manufacturers:  the Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet, the Saab Gripen, and the Lockheed Martin  F-35.

However the competition may have just been narrowed further to two fighters. Boeing has just been informed that the Super Hornet did not meet the federal government’s requirements.  

This comes as a surprise to many, who viewed the Super Hornet as a logical replacement to the Legacy Hornet, especially given that Canada is the largest operator of Hornets outside the US.  Additionally, the Super Hornet was the only entry with two engines, which some felt was a necessity when operating over an arctic environment.  Since the specific requirements that the Super Hornet failed to meet have not been released, there is a chance that Boeing could re-enter the competition. 

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